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Dear, beloved Flist, I know I haven't been as good to you as I should be but you can blame it all on ashdoode, who so kindly and without any knowledge of the consequences it would cause, linked me to the first episode of Supernatural and urged me enthusiastically to watch it. All I have to say is: JENSEN ACKLES. Uuuunnngf, where have you been all my life? I'm up to Season Five, people. Not only that, I've roped half of my co-workers into watching the show with me. How's that for recruitment? \o/

But that is not the point of this post.

I desperately need your advice. I signed up for Merlin Big Bang again and I'm fairly optimistic that this time will run much smoother. (No lie, it would have been such a disaster if aeternitasbeach hadn't showed up. ♥) So yeah, I'm completely torn between two three different plots, one of which I should have started 28 days ago (no zombie puns, please. well okay, fine, whatever, let zombie puns fly if you have to, but please use protection while doing so).

I have a rough or detailed outline for each of these ideas, so the only thing I need is help in picking one already so I can start writing. Hence, a poll! Feel free to vote even if you’re not on my f-list, or pick more than one if you can’t decide between them. Plot details vague for obvious reasons.

PLOT #1: [Canon] During a routine inspection, Arthur’s contingent is attacked by enemy forces and the prince is blinded during battle. Arthur finds himself ill equipped to deal with his injury, struggling to find where he fits in the new order and determined to operate as if nothing is wrong. It suddenly falls to Merlin to take care of state affairs for Arthur, signing documents and relaying Arthur’s orders. To Uther’s wariness and Merlin’s complete obliviousness, Merlin’s political power base grows with each day the prince remains blind. In addition, with Arthur’s sight gone, Merlin becomes a bit more…lax about how his magic is used around the prince. Chaos ensues.

PLOT #2: [AU] Borrowing from the Godfather ‘verse, Uther is the Godfather, Arthur is his heir, and Merlin (the boy Arthur brought home to keep when he was eight like a discarded puppy on the street), is the Consigliere in training.

PLOT #3: [AU] Borrowing from the Heavy Rain ‘verse. Merlin’s been kidnapped, held in an undisclosed underground grate sewer that’s filling up with rain that threatens to drown him every hour his boyfriend Arthur, Detective Gwen, and Reporter Morgana fails to find him. How far will Arthur go to find Merlin?

All three fics are Merlin/Arthur pairing, all will be over 30k words, and I already have an idea how each of them will end. So please, vote away. Thanks for your help, all!

Poll #1711643 Merlin Big Bang: The Last One Standing

Which fic idea would you be more interested in reading?

Why are these stories all centered around Arthur?
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